Our goal is to make fresh, backyard produce easily available to all families in America. Tall order, but we can do it, one U-GARDEN at a time!


$5.00 PER DAY!


Our Beginning

My Amazing Garden took root in our Founder's childhood backyard. His modest school teacher family had a backyard garden the size of an Olympic swimming pool! There they grew rows of corn, green beans, onions, potatoes...everything they ate. Two years ago he had an idea while chatting with his weekly pool guy, to affordably rent sizeable pre-built organic vegetable gardens and service them weekly with a Personal Gardener, allowing any family with small yard space to grow their own produce. Great idea but one small problem, he needed a farming expert!


“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”



He met that farming expert a few months ago, who owns a 100 year old family farm with thousands of acres and greenhouses galore in South Florida, the best state to grow in! The Farmer loved the vision and with a lot of planning and infrastructure readiness, My Amazing Garden was formed!

walking through my garden

Our Mission

Our Mission is to plant thousands of Amazing Organic Gardens in South Florida and maybe thousands more nationwide! Once we prove our model works we will grow across America...maybe the WORLD!



"Fruits and vegetables contain some of the most vital nutrients for our health, but a study from Johns Hopkins University showed that only 11% of adults ate the USDA recommended three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day" Readers Digest


"Americans typically spend 15% of their food budget on fruits and vegetables but based on our price survey, low-income families would have to spend 40% to 70% of their budget on fruits and vegetables"  ABC News


"Fewer than 18% of adults in each state con­sumed the recommended amount of fruit, and fewer than 14% consumed the recommended amount of vegetables"  CDC Report


There are countless reasons to eat more vegetables and tons of research and facts. No one can dispute that eating super fresh vine ripened vegetables can't be anything but better for you...and with our system, cheaper!

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Having a Vegetable Garden is great fun for the kids!

Having a Vegetable Garden is great fun for the kids!

Spread the Word

We believe we can make an impact in the world, but we need all the help we can get with this cause. Whether you have space for a garden or not, help spread the word to your friends and neighbors. Invite us to speak at your church or local club. We can grow our gardens much faster with your help.

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